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See how Swiftqueue can improve your clinic today

Create a seamless and integrated patient pathway experience


Online Appointments

Provide 24/7 visibility of available appointments,
allow patients to book next visit in real time
for all ages and technical ranges.


Seamless Integration

Swiftqueue can integrate with your PAS system
through our bespoke API and HL7 integration,
providing a full end to end solution.


Clinic Administration

Swiftqueue provides easy to use efficient solutions to manage clinic workflows and KPI's built on years of healthcare staff feedback & best practices.


Touch Screen Tablet & Kiosk Check In

Reduce administration and data entry errors through easy to use patient self check in and validation of patient and appointment information.


Fast and Secure

Keeping your data secure is our number one priority. Our hosted centres are certified ISO27001 and comply with NHS Information Governance standards.


Patient Results

Swiftqueue provides a market leading patient portal, where patients can view, reschedule, cancel appointments and view specific results.

Co-ordinated Healthcare...

Growing demand... higher expectations... more patient interactions.
This is the reality of healthcare today. Swiftqueue has delivered an enterprise
platform to better manage the requirements of everyone involved - clinicians,
administrators, health managers and patients - that empowers everyone to have:

  • Certainty & Consistency
  • Flexibility & Control
  • Clarity & Transparency
  • Integrated Solutions

Delivering an all round greater personal experience.

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